Supplement Your Audit Team

Armed with EMAT tablet software, our auditors are built for speed

Experienced Auditors

Over the past 5 years, our team has audited tens of millions of square feet of corporate and government buildings.  We know ASHRAE Level 2 auditing!

Premiere Technology

EMAT energy audit software is tablet-based and synched to the cloud.  This means your data is secure and our auditors are super-efficient.

Simple Flexibility

Utilize EMAT Audit Services to supplement your existing team; or sub-contract entire projects to us.  You save either way!

About EMAT Audit Services



Get All the Benefits of EMAT Without Doing It Yourself

An increasing number of companies are leveraging EMAT Audit Services to help meet their energy audit needs.  Our team’s energy audit software significantly cuts the time and cost of conducting energy audits – and it makes sense that nobody can be more efficient with EMAT  software than the team of energy auditors that built it. Do you have pending audits that could benefit from EMAT today? The EMAT energy engineering team is available to you.

EMAT customers are increasingly augmenting their energy audit teams with EMAT Audit Services (EAS) for three key reasons:

  1. Save Money – Because EAS auditors are highly skilled at maximizing the efficiencies gained from using EMAT, they can conduct energy audits at extremely competitive costs, saving EMAT customers money.
  2. Transition Efficiently – While completing actual energy audits, EAS auditors can conduct onsite training for the customer’s energy auditing team, decreasing the learning curve and making the transition to EMAT software significantly more efficient.  Customers get deliverables and training at the same time.
  3. Maintain Consistency & Quality – Since EMAT customers have implemented EMAT as the core of their energy audit process, using EAS auditors to conduct audits ensures seamless data-centralization and maintains consistency and quality within process, methodology, analysis, and deliverables for all auditors and projects.



EAS Customer Testimonials

RWH Energy has contracted with EMAT Audit Services on several projects. The EMAT team is extremely knowledgeable and accommodating to meet all our project requirements.  We will continue to rely on their services in the future because of their work ethic and exceptional performance.”

Brant C. Deshotels
President, RHW Energy

“We (NextGen) found EMAT’s turn-key services to be affordable and unique in the industry.  The EMAT Auditing team is very easy to work with both at the site and with general project by project requirements.  Their team added value to our project by providing a comparison of lighting versus other forms of energy efficiency projects.  Their team generally adds to the services that we can provide to our clients.  The customer service makes it easy to do business with EMAT Audit Services.”

Colin Weber, BPI MFBA
Senior Project Engineer, NextGen LED



“I would highly recommend EMAT’s services for any audit. We (Southland Energy) contracted them for a very large audit and were really pleased with their product.  They are capable of covering a lot of ground in a single day, and are still precise.  Utilizing EMAT services freed us up to focus on other aspects of the project without worry or concern that they’d finish on time.  They checked in daily and weekly with us to inform us on progress and next steps.  The online portal EMAT uses is really easy to use as well.  Whether you are viewing auditing results, or reports that have been generated it is all available and organized.  Should the opportunity arise in the future we will definitely use EMAT in the future.”

Pete Perez
Energy Engineer, Southland Energy


IoEnergy relies heavily on the EMAT mobile audit technology platform.  Since being referred to the company in 2015, we’ve used their innovative platform to audit more than 1,000,000 square feet of small commercial buildings across nine states.  During a particularly busy period, we even used the EMAT team to perform turn-key energy audits on our behalf.  I’ve found the team to possess a unique blend of small company, middle America hard work ethic combined with some serious Silicon Valley-type cutting edge tech chops.  They say what they’re going to do and they get it done when they say it’ll be done. How rare is that?  An unexpected pleasure in working with EMAT has been their willingness to take our direction and to modify their output based on the particular needs of our firm and its clientele.   EMAT enables IoEnergy to expand on our unique skill set of providing multi-state, highly sophisticated energy efficient project specification development and turnkey construction implementation by helping us to deliver quick turn times with a very professional, brand specific suite of client-facing output materials.  We look forward to a long alliance with the team and we relish the opportunity to steer potential new clients their way.”

Danny Krueger
CEO, IoEnergy, Inc.


EMAT Energy Audit Software